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Disrupter soars on ASX debut

5 April 2018
Published on:

Shares in entrepreneurial advisory and operations firm Trimantium Growth Ops rose more than 20 per cent when the company listed on the ASX following a $70 million IPO.

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Trimantium GrowthOps set for $70m ASX debut

16 November 2017

One of the largest Australian tech IPOs of the year is set to go live this morning with Trimantium GrowthOps landing on the ASX as part of a $70 million offering. Managing director and founder Phillip Kingston told The Australian almost all new markets and new opportunities are seized by ­either entrepreneurs going hard at…

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New operations firm goes for growth

11 November 2017
Published on:

Trimantium GrowthOps is shaking up the technology-enabled growth services industry, giving organisations a new way to achieve quantifiable revenue and market share growth. GrowthOps, the brainchild of founder and managing director Phillip Kingston, is billed as an entrepreneurial operations partner for organisations seeking to develop new products, services and growth strategies. Mr Kingston told The…

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La-la-land snapping up tech starlets

21 March 2017
Published on:

As Snap’s blockbuster IPO reverberates around the tech community, Los Angeles is firming as an alluring alternative to Silicon Valley, with powerhouse tech outfits including Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Hyperloop One and Riot Games joining Hollywood A-listers to build a community combining the best of both worlds.

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$50m fund for plastic to diesel

16 December 2016
Published on:

Melbourne-based venture capital firm Trimantium Capital is raising a $US50m ($67.8m) fund to finance the expansion of PK Clean, a firm that converts plastic waste from landfill into usable fuels such as diesel. PK Clean, the brainchild of Australian entrepreneur Priyanka Bakaya, has already raised funds from Goldman Sachs and government, and has a facility…

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Published on:

A former Melbourne schoolgirl has returned to her home town seeking $US50 million ($67 million) to build a series of plants around the world to turn plastic waste into diesel fuel and gas, helping to keep plastic out of landfill and create a new energy source at the same time.

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Published on:

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s Hyperloop could make its way to Australia, with the Melbourne to Sydney corridor serving as the testing ground for the futuristic high-speed transportation system. With its promise of commuter and freight pods zipping across low-pressure tubes at speeds of more than 1000km/h, Mr Musk’s high-speed rail on steroids could…

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Published on:

Trimantium Capital managing director Phillip Kingston and a team of technology and superannuation industry heavyweights have raised $100 million from Australian and US fintech investors to launch a new tech-focused business that will provide compliance, administrative or supervisory services to superannuation funds.

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Published on:

Melbourne 30-year-old Phillip Kingston is a master networker – not that he particularly likes that word. The Gen Y entrepreneur and venture capitalist, who is the managing director of Trimantium Capital, knows more people than most investors who are double his age. Highly connected to not just Silicon Valley, but London, Tel Aviv, China and the Middle East, Kingston…

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Four Australian venture capital firms have been selected as the first participants in a world-first global movement for diversity in the tech sector. Project Include was launched in San Francisco recently by some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, and is working to close the diversity gap through direct collaboration with startups and VCs…

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Published on:

Four Australian VC firms have received recognition for their work with tech diversity, with global initiative Project Include announcing its inaugural participating start-ups and VCs. Project Include, a Califoria-based initiative designed to test best practices to build diverse and inclusive cultures, this morning said Australian organisations Blackbird, Scale Investors, Trimantium, and Impact Investment Group would…

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Published on:

PayPal co-founder and former chief technology officer Max Levchin has thrown down the gauntlet to the big banks, saying they’re “too big to fail”, but also “too big to innovate”.

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Published on:

Brian Slingerland is not your average scientist. The Stemcentrx co-founder and chief executive was an up-and-coming investment banker, before he met his co-founder Scott Dylla, who was working at Stanford University and researching the role of stem cells in cancer.

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Published on:

PayPal co-founder and investment legend Peter Thiel has predicted the end of US dominance of the global tech industry, but warned Australia must reduce its reliance on mining and real estate before it can reach its potential.

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China, with its bustling economy and continuing growth is managing to create their own version of Silicon Valley. Add in the financial support of the Chinese government and their desire to take risks, it’s only a matter of time before China’s Silicon Valley will bypass the U.S. tech-hub.

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