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About Trimantium

Trimantium Capital is an impact investor in technology businesses ready for high-growth in large markets.

We primarily invest in FinTech and HealthTech businesses in Asia Pacific that have the potential for growth. The health and finance sectors across Asia are maturing quickly, non-cyclical, increasingly non-discretionary, and ready for technological disruption.

Our global investor network across China, South East Asia and the United States delivers over 1,000 potential deals a year ensuring we aren’t competing in the usual channels. We’re able to uncover big deals before they hit the market.

We make sure every investment is responsible, manageable and scalable. Our investments will impact the world in a positive way and provide opportunity for us to add tangible value to accelerate growth.

We’re after the opportunities that just might change the world.

We invest a unique combination of active venture support, technology experience and global networks – that’s our difference. And for us, that’s what investing’s about. We build a strong investor-management alliance leveraging our networks, experience and ideas to help build sustainable growth.

Our team’s specialist capabilities in technology, finance, and management allow us to implement operating models that reduce risk and optimise growth. We’re supported by an international board, global contacts, partnerships with healthcare and financial institutions, existing portfolio companies, and banking, legal and corporate advisors. This wealth of experience ensures governance, due diligence and global connections are brought to bear on every opportunity.

When we back a business for big things, we don’t sit back and hope. Our investment approach is unique in the Asia Pacific region, and so is our purpose – to build businesses that matter.

Join us.