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I attended two great events this year that connect early-stage web-based ventures with potential investors and foster relationships between interesting people. Building on the huge success of Web Summit’s Dublin conferences, Web Summit, the global conference organisers for all things tech put on Collision in Las Vegas and Rise in Hong Kong.

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One of the world’s most successful technology investors, who spotted the potential of Skype and Chinese mega search engine Baidu when they were barely more than ideas, has joined a global venture fund based in Melbourne.

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One of Australia’s leading social impact investors will launch a new social club saying the rise of innovation hubs and coworking spaces do not fix real problems and can ultimately have a negative impact on their members.

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StartSomeGood Co-Founder Tom Dawkins shares his story as part of the Startup War Stories series from the Australian Financial Review.

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Impact investor, Trimantium Capital, today announces the appointment of Christina Liosis as Chief Financial Officer. A reformist financial services leader with 25 years’ experience, Ms Liosis has a reputation for building and growing businesses across the financial services, retail and corporate sectors that maximise returns through risk management and business transformation. In welcoming Ms Liosis…

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Phillip Kingston, Founder and President of Henley Club and Managing Director of Trimantium Capital, speaks about capital raising for tech startups for the Henley Founders & Innovators Working Group, June 2015. During the discussion, Phil reflected on his recent experiences at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in Omaha as well as the Collison Conf in Las Vegas.

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Bonnie Tran and Christina Peng of Trimantium Capital present University of Melbourne student Yao Zhong Qiu with the Trimantium Capital Award for Actuarial Financial Mathematics, at the Corporate Scholarship and Prize Recognition and Award Evening, April 2015.

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Sydney-based crowdfunding startup StartSomeGood has raised an angel impact investment of $400,000 from Melbourne investment firm Trimantium Capital.

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Taking an ultra-conservative approach to calculating superannuation returns may be inaccurate, as experts remain split whether Australians will be able to retire comfortably on a $1 million nest egg.

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KDIS acquires a 100% interest in Brisbane, Townsville, Gold Coast and Melbourne based Fireworks Websites. KDIS was a shareholder prior to the complete acquisition announced on 7th April 2015. Fireworks is the second after Dragon Star (Macau & Hong Kong) in a series of acquisitions across Asia over the coming months.

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THE retirement age should be linked to a fixed percentage of average life expectancy to create a sustainable pension system, a superannuation fund has suggested.

Retail fund Good Super has proposed fixing the retirement age to 85 per cent of average life expectancy.

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In March 2015, Trimantium Capital, as part of its philanthropic programme, assumed the custodial and management function of the International Technology Fund (ITF). The ITF works to improve the awareness, accessibility, utilisation and effectiveness of digital infrastructure amongst non-government and inter-governmental organisations.

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Good Super has become one of the first companies to sign an open letter of support for Australian Marriage Equality.

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KDIS acquires 100% interest in Macau & Hong Kong based Dragon Star Digital Solutions Co. Ltd. (龍星互動有限公司). KDIS was a joint-venture partner and significant minority shareholder prior to the complete acquisition announced on 30th March 2015. Dragon Star is the first in a series of planned acquisitions across Asia over the coming months.

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