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There are many criticisms levied at the Australian early-stage investment landscape, and valuation is one of the key areas requiring careful reflection. Far too many investors, particularly within angel investment networks, undertake their default investment behaviour of ‘value investing’ when presented with an early-stage investment opportunity.

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Venture capital firms receive thousands of investment opportunities each year from all over the world. Unsolicited pitches make up 99% of the offers that arrive each week and need to be screened very quickly. The importance of a positive referral cannot be underestimated. It’s untenable to meet each and every entrepreneur so curated deals that…

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With the inescapable reality that most startups will fail, it’s encouraging that many successful entrepreneurs around the world are advocating the importance of learning from failure. However, there are still many common mistakes investors regularly see that can be easily avoided, and doing so may just mean your startup succeeds.

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Nine Ideas to De-risk Your Venture

14 December 2014

ONE: MARKETING STARTS AT CONCEPTION, NOT AT BIRTH Common to anyone in advertising circles, new businesses often get their product ready for market and only then do they incorporate marketing principles.  They engage the marketing consultant with “sell loads of this, please”.  At this late stage, the agency is not able to research and advise…

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Entrepreneurs looking to start a technology company usually are seeking a web or mobile programmer who can develop the prototype, beta or even the launch product in exchange for equity in the business. In a nutshell, the programmer agrees to work for a stipulated period of time, or to deliver an agreed set of deliverables,…

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Solve real problems for customers. Listen to everyone.  You don’t know who will give you good advice.  Don’t select people to take advice from that agree with you.  Don’t listen to friends and family – they either will be too harsh or too nice. Agile – aim, fire adjust, prototype quickly, learn quickly and adapt,…

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Phillip Kingston has prepared a short 101 of M&A from the perspective of a conglomerate investor in language accessible to early year undergraduate students

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In late 2012, we wanted to understand what attributes of the entrepreneur and investment opportunities drive investment behaviour in the Australian investor community. This is part of a 360° review of the investment ecosystem. We are working to collate insights from all perspectives to help ensure that good entrepreneurs with good opportunities maximise their chances of finding capital,…

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