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Applying for Investment

If you would like to pitch your business and explore investment opportunities with Trimantium Capital, we strongly recommend you reach us through a referral from a trusted connection, otherwise please email your capital raising material to

What we’re looking for

We search for businesses that are responsible, manageable and scalable. Businesses with a focus on profit and purpose. Businesses ready for high-growth. Businesses in sectors and large markets ripe for disruption. We are open to a range of investment classes, sizes, industries and business stages, and we think B Corp certification is an advantage.

We see a future where the grand social challenges of our time will be tackled by entrepreneurs and impact investors working together.

Trimantium Capital is looking for these characteristics in our investments:

  • A world-class entrepreneurial business leader and management team
  • The ability to operate in large markets
  • The potential for large moats – strong and sustainable barriers to entry
  • Maintains a coherent and functional investors register that is compatible with fast-growth and agility
  • Possesses a well-understood cost model and understanding of how costs scale
  • Acquired the support of senior, credible subject matter and industry experts

Generally, Trimantium Capital will typically avoid investments in companies with significant technological risks and sectors unfamiliar to the investment team such as resources, property, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, commodities, utilities, telecommunications, durables or leisure.

Useful resources

Please see our Resources Archive for useful resources, tips and advice.